Everyone deserves a second chance​

The only thing that matters right now is to make the right decisions

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You suffered a recent breakup? You feel stuck and don’t know what to do next.

Maybe you broke up before, but this time it’s different.

Shit got real.

Post-breakups are known to be emotionally draining. You are not yourself anymore (and you hate it).

What you are experiencing right now can be temporary.

My job is to help you overcome this. I will help you feeling more confident about your relationship.

I will provide you with tailored guidance based on years of experience in relationship coaching.

Together we can work at rebuilding this attraction.

Alexis Friedlander

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Alexis was very incredible! He was able to assist my spouse and me in strengthening and romanticizing our relationship.

Matthew Ball Alexis was very incredible

Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost my confidence in dating given my age! and now I am more confident and happy!

Byrne Joseph Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost…

With Alexis's help I was able to be more confident with dating especially at my age! Thank you so much.

Morgan Phillips With Alexis's help I was able to be…

Alexis was indeed amazing! He was able to help me and my husband to build our relationship stronger. Thankyou so much.

Marley Bruce Alexis was indeed amazing

I had difficulty with dating especially after my divorce but thanks to Alexis, I finally went out on dating.

Major Kim I had difficulty with dating especially…

Alexis was amazing during my session with me. He taught me strategies on how to manage my anxiety.

Caden Riley Alexis was amazing during my session…

I have been very happy with my consultation with Alexis. He helped me with my relationship problems with care.

Chloe Osborne I have been very happy

Coach has huge experience in relationship management thanks for his guidance. Thank you so much Alexis.

Eshwar Nanjappa Great

I am Jermaine and I only had a few sessions with Alexis but I feel like I can completely trust him.Thank you so much

Jermaine Mooney I feel like I can completely trust him.

Found Alexis youtube channel and community two weeks ago. His coaching and teachings are innovative, insightful .

Leo Aor The complete package. 5*

Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk to about my particular situation. His way of understanding and advice was very valuable to me.

Mark Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk

Alexis listened fully and empathetically. He provided an assessment of my situation that was spot on.

Katle Definitely recommend Alexis with breakup coaching!

So glad Alexis was recommended to me. I have learned so many things from him. He is such a great adviser. Thank you so much

Lane Burke Experiencing a breakup can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression

    A breakup can lead to damaging thoughts

    We can be impulsive

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    We can feel depressed

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    We can lose confidence

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    What my clients say

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    "After the radio silence you helped phrasing things in a right way and knowing what to say without being aggressive or going to the past too much" "it's difficult when you have people around you who can support as they have biases, someone who is exterior gave me a neutral view and I could really see things for what they are" [...] Since we're back together communication has been so much better"

    "Having someone able to provide specific advice is so valuable"
    Adele F.
    Brand Manager
    "I was prepared for what will happen"] "You helped me rediscover myself and be in this relationship again"

    "it was the first time I got a coach, you were not judging, you were able to give the right advice at the right time" "I will never stop to thank you"
    Luca D.
    Web Developer
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    "I became a good person for myself and for her too, it actually saved my life" "After this coaching my relationship with Lydia is very strong"

    "I would advice people to watch your youtube channel and to get coaching from you" "Before I met you my relationship was going down hill, I was distancing myself from relationships, if I hadn't had coaching I wouldn't be with Lydia"
    BEKI O.
    "It was hard for me because we broke up so many times before, [...] but with the tips you gave me by email really helped me to get back with Daniel" "The tips you gave me about what to say really helped me to go through the date" "Our relationship is much more stronger, we have much more confidence between the both of us, we can talk about our feelings, and enjoy more going out" "People should give it a try, it helps you to feel comfortable with yourself, and have a mental change to improve your relationship with other people"
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    My Coaching Approach: The 5A Principles

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    Awareness – Understanding your shortcomings is crucial in order to create successful relationships. I can provide you with an unbiased opinion about yourself which will allow you to become the ideal partner.

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    Alignment – Together we will create intentional shifts in your habits, mindset, and self-image to get into action and stay into action.

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    Action – Most people are passive after a breakup. They binge watch Netflix while eating a pot of ice cream. I will help you to stay positive, to look forward and to progress towards your goal.

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    Accountability – I won’t let you down, but I expect the same for you. It’s one of my core ways of working with my clients. I invest my time and energy for you, you have to do the same for me. This way, you won’t find yourself procrastinating or overthinking.

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    Acceleration – By Working with me, you will get the right advice, embrace the right mindset and will do the right things. It’s the best -and only- way to reduce the time spent single.


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    You want to get back to reconnect emotionally with your ex, what if you could go back in the past and start again. This is achievable, but….

    You need clarity
     You need to feel better
    You need not to fuck-ups

    The above is very hard to achieve. It has nothing to do with willpower, it has nothing to do with your IQ, it has nothing to do with your personality.

    The key factor of your success is the support system you have to help you out. I am not talking about your friends who want you to ‘move on, you’ll find better’.

    I am talking about someone who will tell you the truth not only what you want to hear.
    Who is here to provide you an honest and objective view about your situation?

    Who can cheer you up and help you refocus yourself on the positive sides of things? Who can help you?

    Key criterias to select a coach?

    1. Talk with him or her before. Would you get engaged with someone you’ve never talked to before?

    2. Feel this is a good fit. When you talk to him/her you need to feel whether it clicks or not. It’s not a question of being a bad or a good coach.

    3. See if he can provide some initial answers to your question. Do you feel he is providing you insights to your situation.

    4. Assess how you feel after speaking with him. Do you feel better, more motivated?

    (A coaching relationship goes both ways, this is why all my clients need to go through a first initial call with me to assess they are the right fit)


    There are cases where I can’t help