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Hard Truth - If you don't change anything you won't get back with your ex. It's time to change!

Today, you feel...


 everyday is a struggle


you need to talk to an expert


You don’t know where to start

After having helped hundreds of people in your situation.

I've created this program that will help you get the relationship... YOU DESERVE!

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Alexis was very incredible! He was able to assist my spouse and me in strengthening and romanticizing our relationship.

Matthew Ball Alexis was very incredible

Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost my confidence in dating given my age! and now I am more confident and happy!

Byrne Joseph Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost…

With Alexis's help I was able to be more confident with dating especially at my age! Thank you so much.

Morgan Phillips With Alexis's help I was able to be…

Alexis was indeed amazing! He was able to help me and my husband to build our relationship stronger. Thankyou so much.

Marley Bruce Alexis was indeed amazing

I had difficulty with dating especially after my divorce but thanks to Alexis, I finally went out on dating.

Major Kim I had difficulty with dating especially…

Alexis was amazing during my session with me. He taught me strategies on how to manage my anxiety.

Caden Riley Alexis was amazing during my session…

I have been very happy with my consultation with Alexis. He helped me with my relationship problems with care.

Chloe Osborne I have been very happy

Coach has huge experience in relationship management thanks for his guidance. Thank you so much Alexis.

Eshwar Nanjappa Great

I am Jermaine and I only had a few sessions with Alexis but I feel like I can completely trust him.Thank you so much

Jermaine Mooney I feel like I can completely trust him.

Found Alexis youtube channel and community two weeks ago. His coaching and teachings are innovative, insightful .

Leo Aor The complete package. 5*

Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk to about my particular situation. His way of understanding and advice was very valuable to me.

Mark Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk

Alexis listened fully and empathetically. He provided an assessment of my situation that was spot on.

Katle Definitely recommend Alexis with breakup coaching!

So glad Alexis was recommended to me. I have learned so many things from him. He is such a great adviser. Thank you so much

Lane Burke Experiencing a breakup can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Getting your ex back is a process that takes time. Sometimes you may get them back sooner, sometimes you may be required to practice more patience.

    Your chances of getting back with your ex are determined by the circumstances of your breakup, which can be determined during our coaching sessions.

    Well, I am human and do have to sleep. Sometimes you may reach out and I will not respond immediately, but that doesn’t mean I will ignore you for hours on end.

    Instead of waiting 6 more days before getting a chance to talk to me again, I will be available to give you advice much quicker, in real-time.

    I will always get back to you within 24hrs on weekdays.

    Yes of course, I will send you a link only existing clients can use to book additional calls.

    This support is only by text. You may want to send voice memo (and sometimes I also send voice memo), but if you want to chat properly, you can book a video consultation. 

    My YouTube videos are not tailor-made for your situation.

    They offer a general approach that does not guarantee the best results in every situation.

    My videos offer you advice on a range of topics, which may get confusing when trying to choose the best approach.

    The coaching empowers you to choose the right tools for your situation.

    You will have the opportunity to roll out to a month by month support if you feel the need to continue working with me.

    Everyone deserves a second chance

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