Happy New Year 2023

Time to celebrate Your success

Did 2022 come with the end of your relationship? 

Is one of your new year’s resolutions getting back with your ex and fixing things with them? 

But you don’t know where to begin?

This is why you need to know this:

  • Over 43% of people drop their resolutions just after a month. How about you? What does your previous track record say?
  •  Why is this the case? According to The Economic Times, the resolutions are unrealistic, have no accountability, aren’t reviewed, poorly planned, followed through by self doubt and are just not clear.
  • Because of the above, the danger of these may risk you and your ex getting back together. 

The Harsh Truth…

Before you even consider getting back with your ex, you need to evaluate the reasons behind the breakup and how much you contributed to the end of the relationship. Yes you, it takes two to tango. The first point of getting back with your ex is a good evaluation of yourself…

Sometimes as people we are too quick to shift the blame and remain faultless. In life such a mentality is very dangerous, it is harmful and prevents you from growing and maturing. Being open to learning and accepting feedback is the only assured way of becoming better at something. You may have or have not played a big role in the breakup, but you played a role regardlessly.

If you want to be more secure, you need to learn how to manage your emotions, how to break away from some of your limiting beleifs.

This can only be done with a therapist.

If you are serious about your growth, this is for you.

My new year’s resolution? Setting you up for success

Alexis Friedlander

Three Months To Change Your Life


This new year, I have put together a 3 months coaching package for individuals who are dedicated towards working on themselves (by application only)  for their benefit and that of those around them, and yes your ex as well. Here is what to expect from the package:

  • It’s 3 months long
  • It has one weekly call
  • It has practical guides and steps to becoming more secure and confident in yourself, your actions and judgement. 
  • Follow up by emails between sessions
  • Regular confidential group calls (only available to clients)

Take action

Why 3 Months?

Any solution that says you can get back your ex quickly, in  a few days, weeks or a month is a lie. Rome was not built in a day. 

Research states people take 3.5 months to completely heal from a breakup and in that phase a lot of things happen, and I want to be with you in this healing journey. What you decide to do after the 3 months we are done working together is your decision. One call session will not make you feel better. Don’t be the person who is looking for shortcuts in life.

You know my approach. I am a pragmatic. I wish personal transformation could take weeks rather than months.

The only way to accelerate your growth is to get personalised support from an expert on a regular basis.

Don't fool yourself. You know as well as me that's not by buying a book "Get your ex back in a week" will not produce the transformation you want

Be ambitious with yourself.

Be ambitious with your relationship.

You deserve this.

I Only Work With You If:


  • You want to put yourself first and create healthy and effective ways to build a long lasting relationship with the love of your life 
  • You are not doing this for your ex but you and the partner you were destined to be with
  • You are committed to your personal development and boosting your confidence
  • You are ready to receive guidance and steps on creating this desirable life for yourself

The Only Therapist With Verified Reviews


Alexis was very incredible! He was able to assist my spouse and me in strengthening and romanticizing our relationship.

Matthew Ball Alexis was very incredible

Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost my confidence in dating given my age! and now I am more confident and happy!

Byrne Joseph Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost…

With Alexis's help I was able to be more confident with dating especially at my age! Thank you so much.

Morgan Phillips With Alexis's help I was able to be…

Alexis was indeed amazing! He was able to help me and my husband to build our relationship stronger. Thankyou so much.

Marley Bruce Alexis was indeed amazing

I had difficulty with dating especially after my divorce but thanks to Alexis, I finally went out on dating.

Major Kim I had difficulty with dating especially…

Alexis was amazing during my session with me. He taught me strategies on how to manage my anxiety.

Caden Riley Alexis was amazing during my session…

I have been very happy with my consultation with Alexis. He helped me with my relationship problems with care.

Chloe Osborne I have been very happy

Coach has huge experience in relationship management thanks for his guidance. Thank you so much Alexis.

Eshwar Nanjappa Great

I am Jermaine and I only had a few sessions with Alexis but I feel like I can completely trust him.Thank you so much

Jermaine Mooney I feel like I can completely trust him.

Found Alexis youtube channel and community two weeks ago. His coaching and teachings are innovative, insightful .

Leo Aor The complete package. 5*

Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk to about my particular situation. His way of understanding and advice was very valuable to me.

Mark Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk

Alexis listened fully and empathetically. He provided an assessment of my situation that was spot on.

Katle Definitely recommend Alexis with breakup coaching!

So glad Alexis was recommended to me. I have learned so many things from him. He is such a great adviser. Thank you so much

Lane Burke Experiencing a breakup can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression

    6 Key Benefits


    Confidence Building

    You will learn practical steps to feel more secure and confident in yourself


    Guaranteed Success

    You will make SMART new year’s resolutions you will be able to follow through in


    Accountability Partner

    You will have me making you responsible for your own growth, teaching you to be self-accountable


    love Yourself

    You will be introduced to yourself again and see your self worth, beauty and learn to love you again


    Clarity On Choice

    You will discover if you it’s a good idea to get back with your ex or seek new and healthier loved be.


    Relationship Building

    You will get to actionables on getting into a long lasting, loving and healthy relationship with your ex

    My Personal Guarantee

    I know you will succeed.

    If you are selected and follow the program but you feel for any reason you didn’t get value from it.

     I will give you back PERSONALLY $500.

     This is how serious I am about your success.

    The Team

    Alexis is a relationship therapist with extensive experience helping people dealing with breakups.

    He shares insights weekly on his YouTube to help people navigate this difficult time in their lives.

    His drive is to see how people can build up resilience, find greater security, and ultimately love.

    “Your breakup is the first day of the rest of your life. I am simply here to ensure this new life is the one you deserve”

    Elizabeth is a relationship and CBT/DBT coach. She has years of experience helping people develop self-awareness and rebuild relationships.

    Her insight and support will help you learn about yourself, improve your communication skills, manage your emotions, and make the right choices about your interactions with your ex.

    “I beleive in human potentialCreating strong, exciting relationships is a science and an art. Let me show you how it’s done!”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Of course we are flexible if you can’t attend a session one week. However, if you want to succeed you need to be mindful that consistency is key. Too often with clients I don’t see regularly, I feel we are starting from scratch again every new session. It’s a waste of time for you. I don’t want you to wast your time, I want you to succeed

    I will prioritise my existing clients.

    This is why I have partnered with Elizabeth, whos is an experienced relationship coach.

    We will host weekly calls with Elizabeth for clients only.

    These coaching calls will be private and confidential.

    I will let you know when we will launch our inaugural call.

    No, it’s a different offer.

    The intend is for you to comit for at least 12 weeks (or 12 sessions)

    If after these 12 weeks you don’t feel you didn’t get any value, I will not only refund you but give you $500 personally

    There are few requirements to meet

    You have to attend all your 1-1 sessions.

    Prove that you have completed the assignments that you were given. (with screenhots or emails)

    Attended the group calls.

    Only if you have done the above you can ask for a refund.

    Yes, I will share all the details after our call.

    You will have the option to pay in multiple instalments

    Everyone deserves a second chance

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