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Welcome to the first step of your transformative journey! “Journey to Secure Attachment” is a comprehensive guide designed for those seeking to understand and improve their attachment styles, especially in the context of relationships.

Are you struggling with the complexities of anxious attachment? Do you find yourself in a cycle of unsatisfying relationships, especially with avoidant partners? Or perhaps you’re navigating the challenging waters of a breakup and seeking a path to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem. Whatever your situation, this book is your companion towards achieving healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

In this insightful guide, you’ll discover:

  • Deep insights into the world of anxious attachment.

  • Effective strategies to navigate the anxious-avoidant dynamic.

  • Practical tools to rebuild your confidence and self-worth post-breakup.

  • Key communication skills to enhance your relationships.


Crafted by Alexis Friedlander, an experienced relationship therapist, this book combines professional knowledge with a personal touch. Her approach is simple yet powerful: you don’t need years of therapy to develop secure attachment. With the right tools and support, a journey toward healthier attachment styles is within your reach.