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1-1 Counseling Session

We will have a 45 min session to look at your situation in detail.

Together, you will identify the issue you are facing, the root cause, and the ideal course of action.

This session is essential for us to detail your tailored action plan.


30 Days Of Support

Once we have agreed the best course of action, the real work starts!

Instead of leaving you alone making daily decisions, I will be here for you.

By experience, people have tons of questions about their situation. You may not want to wait

Key Benefits

– Creating therapeutic relationship 

– Engaging discussion around your fears, blockers

– Develop a deep understanding of your situation

Key Benefits

– Ongoing support whenever you need me

– Ability to use WhatsApp as a dynamic journaling tool

– Help when texting your ex

Recent Client Feedback

It gives an stop before your actions pushed by emotions , and make you realise you over exaggerate your focus on other person . Gives some perspective even if it’s not the desire and sometimes is needed.
Yvan May 2024
Alexis was incredibly helpful on the initial call and then even more so on the follow up call. He offered some really helpful insights and was really measured and honest with his views and opinions. After a very confusing breakup he helped me figure out what was the cause and ultimately how to move forward. Alexis is a really great clinician who clearly knows what he is talking about.
Ellaine - May 2024
These past months have been some of the most difficult I have experienced my entire life. Having remote access to Alexis and his counsel has been soothing. I am considering reaching out via WhatsApp.
Vicky- April 2024
"Overall good. I learned it’s a bumpy ride with many unknowns and I have to keep working/focusing on myself and not overthinking what my ex is doing and why"
Lucy - May 2022
"Been great, someone I can talk to rather than keeping it all bottled up. Someone that can share their knowledge with me. I have learnt not to over analyse things, listen more to my partner and to not get upset easily"
Peter - April 2024
Alexis is great. We have been doing whatsapp coaching over a month and still more to go. He helped me deal with my anxiety post breakup, and we established a game plan in reconciling with my ex. He is very responsive and really understanding of the situation I’ve been in. Every single advice was spot on and so far my reconciliation with my avoidant ex is going in the right direction. From not talking at all we came to the point of having a dinner the other night. Still more to do but feel confident that Alexis is by my side.
Marko - March 2024
Alexis was my absolute ‘go to’ in some of the darkest days in my life . I am in my mid 50’s , and dating mating and relating had become a minefield for me . My ex partner was a widower which was in itself very difficult . Fastforward … alot of self work and guidance and I am loving life . Alexis and Elizabeth ( shes so calming ! ) I am forever thankful . I still watch a link or two - never stop learning.
Preston - March 2024
The coaching is great. The knowledge i gained about myself, relationships, and breakups was enormous. The advice on how to proceed daily was helpful... what to do and what not to do again. The insight into what my ex is most likely thinking. Sometimes there's nothing to do... just be patient and wait. The only thing is I haven't gotten my ex back, but I'm not sure that its Alexis's fault... and who knows maybe my story with my ex isn't over just yet.
Lance - March 2024
"Love everyday response from coach with emotional support to venting and strategy in getting back to ex"
Kim - March 2024

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Alexis was very incredible! He was able to assist my spouse and me in strengthening and romanticizing our relationship.

Matthew Ball Alexis was very incredible

Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost my confidence in dating given my age! and now I am more confident and happy!

Byrne Joseph Thanks to Alexis for helping me boost…

With Alexis's help I was able to be more confident with dating especially at my age! Thank you so much.

Morgan Phillips With Alexis's help I was able to be…

Alexis was indeed amazing! He was able to help me and my husband to build our relationship stronger. Thankyou so much.

Marley Bruce Alexis was indeed amazing

I had difficulty with dating especially after my divorce but thanks to Alexis, I finally went out on dating.

Major Kim I had difficulty with dating especially…

Alexis was amazing during my session with me. He taught me strategies on how to manage my anxiety.

Caden Riley Alexis was amazing during my session…

I have been very happy with my consultation with Alexis. He helped me with my relationship problems with care.

Chloe Osborne I have been very happy

Coach has huge experience in relationship management thanks for his guidance. Thank you so much Alexis.

Eshwar Nanjappa Great

I am Jermaine and I only had a few sessions with Alexis but I feel like I can completely trust him.Thank you so much

Jermaine Mooney I feel like I can completely trust him.

Found Alexis youtube channel and community two weeks ago. His coaching and teachings are innovative, insightful .

Leo Aor The complete package. 5*

Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk to about my particular situation. His way of understanding and advice was very valuable to me.

Mark Alexis was absolutely wonderful to talk

Alexis listened fully and empathetically. He provided an assessment of my situation that was spot on.

Katle Definitely recommend Alexis with breakup coaching!

So glad Alexis was recommended to me. I have learned so many things from him. He is such a great adviser. Thank you so much

Lane Burke Experiencing a breakup can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression

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